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Black Forest 1 kg .  The Black forest is a chocolate s...
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1,149.00 ₹
Ex Tax: 1,149.00 ₹
2 Kg Black Forest Cake .....
2,399.00 ₹
Ex Tax: 2,399.00 ₹
The Black forest is a chocolate sponge layered cake with whi...
1,829.00 ₹
Ex Tax: 1,829.00 ₹
The Black forest is a chocolate sponge layered cake with whi...
1,499.00 ₹
Ex Tax: 1,499.00 ₹
The Cherry Blackforest Cake completely does justice to the p...
1,549.00 ₹
Ex Tax: 1,549.00 ₹
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Black forest cake is a chocolate sponge cake topped with rich cherries. This cake is originated from German. This rich chocolatey sponge cake is one of the favorite of all celebrations.

Mainly for birthday it is one of favourite

Black forest is rich chocolaty tasty cake. It is favourite cake of youth and they order for their friends, families or relatives. Even midnight delivery became famous and surprise to loved ones.

Emotiongift is an expert in giving such surprises on your behalf. We deliver to all major cities and towns even at midnight.

Black forest can be half kg per small party, 1 kg for a little big party and 2 kg for family celebration.

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